Cock Milking & Ball grabbing

Cock Milking & Ball grabbing

Gay Swede born in 1977. this is my naughty place online. cock milking and ball grabbing but also big bulges, VPL, big cocks and balls, hairy men (love smooth men too ofc), ballbusting, post cum cockhead torture, bdsm, rimming, ballsqueezing, massive sperm loads and lots of other hot stuff.
Make sure to be 18+ and know that this is not for the workplace, unless it´s a really dirty workplace:)

Also, music and some activism is a must here.

I will be uploading some of my home made stuff. I´m a cock milking expert and love to record me doing it. Tagged "milking".

Please feel free to submit stuff you think would fit on this blog.

To watch all my homemade cock milking videos check my xhamster profile:


Tim Kruger

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Edging to this ass now.

Edging to this ass now.

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He asked for it.

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Anonymous asked: do you fuck?

I do.

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